Quarterback Keeper, Bella Escritor
Bella Escritor

Quarterback Keeper

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In the book “Quarterback Keeper” by Bella Escritor, the Author gives you her best accounts of events that took place during her 10 year relationship with a famous Quarterback.

Each chapter covers a different event that may or may not have already made major media headlines around the world. Bella, gives you her version of things she witnessed or truths she was told while being directly involved in the life of this Quarterback.

In the book you will discover how Bella was able to become close enough to her lover to be given the opportunity to learn his many secrets. You will also come to find out how it was for Bella to have to bear such a burden of becoming a loyal keeper. Bella starts out as just another lover to this Superstar, but ends up as so much more.

An unlikely encounter that should have resulted as just a one night stand, somehow turned out to blossom into a comradity that was meant to last a lifetime. Read along and bear witness to the love, joy, fears, rituals, betrayals, devastations and so much more.

Don't mistake this book as just another tell-all. Each chapter contains an intriguing truth that separates it from the others. What you may have thought you already knew, may very well shock you to learn it was otherwise. Read as Bella takes you back in time with her to sporting events, prison calls, tearful admissions, dogfighting conversations, and more.

Find out how it all began, ended, and most importantly how it was able to remain a secret for so long. Find out what really made Bella Escritor the “Quarterback Keeper”.
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