Derek O'Neill


No diet can tackle the real causes and patterns of your struggle with food. WEIGHT – WHAT’S EATING YOU? takes a fresh and effective approach to weight management by helping you go deeper and tap into your ability to change your entire relationship with food.

Part of the GET A GRIP series of handy, intuitive books by transformational coach and therapist Derek O’Neill, this book explores the power of your subconscious, the role of attachment in weight loss, mindful eating, moderation, and self-acceptance. You can’t lose those pounds until you make peace with them!

WEIGHT: What's Eating You? is a launching pad for a reflective journey to uncover the root causes of your food issues, along with practical tips, and meditative exercises to help you get off the scale, begin the work of self-discovery, and step into the life you want!
30 printed pages
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