Tikiri Herath

Your Rebel Dreams

The workbook that accompanies Your Rebel Dreams, the first Rebel Diva book. Get the exercise all in one place!

This is a 100+ workbook with all the exercises in Your Rebel Dreams, including:

— exercise on finding your joy,
— exercise on identifying your innate talents,
— exercise on figuring out your ideal environment, the one you thrive in,
— exercise on finding out what service you can offer the world, so you can make money from your calling!

…and much more.

This workbook can be read and used as is, but for complete guidance, examples, and details on how to apply these tools, please read the full book: Your Rebel Dreams, Book ONe of the Rebel Diva series.

Your Rebel Dreams is a life-changing book with down-to-earth advice, inspiring quotes and step-by-step guidance on how to design a shinier and newer you. Go on a fun interactive journey of self-discovery to clarify your purpose and passions in life!

Be the heroine of your own story.
29 printed pages
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