Robert L. Karlinsey

Demin/Remin in Preventive Dentistry

Despite significant progress in the management of oral health, tooth decay remains stubbornly widespread and resilient. Complicating this further, there remain gaps in clinical use and knowledge involving fluoride and remineralization therapies. To help address these problems, Demin/Remin in Preventive Dentistry explores demineralization and remineralization processes by synthesizing a variety of data and research to produce a fresh perspective from one who has devoted significant effort to improving remineralization therapies in preventive dentistry.
The source material for this book is fairly diverse, with more than 900 references called forth from various fields of study, including medicine, dentistry, chemistry, biology, materials science, food science, along with reports and articles from journalists, and nonprofit and government organizations. Divided into 10 distinct chapters, the topics discussed include oral bacteria, foods and drinks, acids, pH, sound and demineralized enamel structure, dental therapeutics used throughout history, fluoride and various fluoride formats (including toothpastes, varnishes and more), calcium phosphate systems, remineralization processes, and perspectives related to minimally invasive dentistry.
Global tooth decay remains a major socioeconomic burden, commanding the need for improved oral health strategies. Demin/Remin in Preventive Dentistry provides a fresh look at an old (and largely preventable!) problem by reviewing known information, as well as aspects not addressed in other dentistry books. Demin/Remin in Preventive Dentistry will appeal especially to those with a ‘prevention-first’ mindset, as well as researchers and clinicians passionate about delivering or improving oral health benefits for those of us both young and young at heart.
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