Holly L. Lewitas

The Nose Rules

This is the fourth addition to the celebrated Spunky Murder Mystery series! 
Once again the wise and cocky terrier-mutt detective, Spunky, and her four felines are sticking their noses into trouble. This time the police ask for Spunky’s help when a sixteen-year-old girl is kidnapped from a shocking murder scene. They can find no leads and with each passing hour that the girl is missing they are becoming more desperate for answers.  Spunky’s nose finds many hidden clues but what she reveals to the police leaves everyone shocked and baffled — was the girl abducted by the murderer or was it even more horrifying?
Spunky is determined to find the missing girl. She and her four feline brothers know they will need all the help they can get. Once again their human, Dr. Hannah Richards and the Campus Cats are ready to aid in the search. But as the plot unfolds the case becomes increasingly puzzling and new critter skills are recruited to aid in the espionage.  Soon it appears that their truth may not hold all the facts.   Spunky is a stubborn terrier-mutt who knows a rat tunnel always has more than one way in.  But now the question is — will they be able to find their way out?

According to the SPR reviewer this action-packed fourth addition to the Spunky Murder Mystery series is heartfelt and at times laugh-out-loud funny. The Nose Rules is an ideal escape for anyone who loves mischievous pets and unpredictable mysteries. This book is the perfect cozy mystery for any animal lover. As in all the books in this series it contains adult themes and relies more on brains, humor and instinct instead of gore to entertain readers.
So hunker down and get ready for a great adventure and more lovable antics from Spunky and her friends!

297 printed pages
Original publication



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