Christopher Davies

The Guy from Jamestown

A rollercoaster action thriller in which an ordinary man escapes his execution and embarks on a new adventure—hunted by those who want him dead . . .
November 5: A foiled plot to blow up Parliament. But what if Guy Fawkes had never gone to trial? What if powerful friends conspired to fake Guy’s death, and the man hanged, drawn and quartered was not Guy? What if he was given a new identity? A new start?
Jamestown, Virginia: a new settlement founded on the soil of an uncharted continent. The perfect place for a man to reinvent himself and escape the past.
But Guy cannot remain hidden. Pursued by those seeking vengeance, and embroiled in a bloody conflict between the English invaders and the natives, Guy realises his odyssey of violence and intrigue isn’t over—it’s only just beginning . . .
350 printed pages
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