Richard Case

Discerning God's Will

The newest work from author Richard T. Case demonstrates, from God's very Scriptures, and what many think are just principles and guidelines, the truth about God's will — that it is:
Personal and planned out specifically for us.Fully knowable — we can hear His voice and receive His will.Clear, precise, and specific.Simple and beautiful.Tied to the transformation of “character” — so all can know His voice from the most immature to the very wise.The best and none better — He is for us, has fantastic plans for us, and invites us to a blessed life.Not limited to opening and closing doors.Not discerned immediately — timing is everything.
With a deeper reception of these scriptural truths, believers will find their lives lifted from a struggle in mediocrity to the spectacular and exceptional. The biggest “Ah ha” of Discerning God's Will will be that it is not so much about what we are supposed to do, but what He wants to do to lead us to the spectacular life. He invites us to join Him as he leads and guides us to specific places where the spectacular life plays out. May you enjoy receiving a whole new way of walking with God in life.
218 printed pages
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