A Good Day for Climbing Trees, Jaco Jacobs
Jaco Jacobs

A Good Day for Climbing Trees

108 printed pages
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Sometimes, in the blink of an eye, you do something that changes your life forever.
Like climbing into a tree with a strange girl.
Marnus is tired of feeling invisible, living in the shadow of his two brothers.
His older brother is good at breaking swimming records and girls’ hearts. His younger brother is already a crafty entrepreneur who has tricked him into doing the dishes all summer.
But when a girl called Leila ends up on their doorstep one morning asking him to sign a petition, it’s the start of an unexpected adventure.
And finally, Marnus gets the chance to be noticed…
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Nelba Vercuil
Nelba Vercuilshared an impression4 months ago
👍Worth reading

Excellent, Jaco!

Priyanka Mahato
Priyanka Mahatoshared an impression9 months ago
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It's simple n nyc till now

thebookishomeshared an impression6 days ago
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🔮Hidden Depths
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Евгения Елисеева
Евгения Елисееваhas quoted5 months ago
I think you sometimes do things in the blink of an eye, without thinking – things that change your life.
You ask someone to marry you in the middle of a horror movie, like my dad asked my mum
Yuri Andreev
Yuri Andreevhas quoted10 months ago
rub him up the wrong way.
thebookishomehas quoted6 days ago
It’s good to fight for something but you also have to know when to stop – otherwise the fight can become bigger than the thing you’re fighting against
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