Rexanne Becnel

The Knight of Rosecliffe

When a beautiful Welsh loyalist is taken prisoner by her English enemy, she must make an impossible choice between loyalty and love
Forced to live under the yoke of the hated English, Rhonwen ap Tomas feels like a rabbit caught in a snare. When she catches sight of the devilishly handsome English knight whose life she once saved, her only desire is to kill him. But her arrow misses its mark and Jasper FitzHugh vows that although they are enemies now, one day they will be lovers.
For ten years, Jasper fought in the long shadow of his warrior brother, Rand, who claimed this remote corner of northern Wales for England and crowned himself lord of Rosecliffe Castle. Now Jasper must safeguard Rand’s wife and children and find a way to soothe the restlessness in his soul. His near-fatal encounter with the wild creature from his childhood—now a ravishing beauty bent on avenging her Welsh brethren—only fuels his hunger to possess her.
When circumstances and a dangerous enemy conspire to make Rhonwen Jasper’s prisoner, passion flares hotly between captive and captor, drawing them to a destiny neither could ever have imagined.
The Knight of Rosecliffe is the 2nd book in the Rosecliffe Trilogy, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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