The Initiation of Ms Holly, K.D. Grace
K.D. Grace

The Initiation of Ms Holly

"e;The Initiation of Ms. Holly is so hot, I am still tingling a day after I finished reading this novel."e;-Coffee Time Romance & More The Stranger on the Train He came to her in the dark. She couldn't see him, but she could feel every inch of his body against hers in the most erotic encounter Rita Holly ever had. And now he's promising more…if she'll just follow him to an exclusive club where opulence and sex rule. She can have anything she's ever dreamed of-and more-but first she'll have to pass the club's initiation. What readers are saying: "e;After Fifty Shades of Grey, I didn't think I would find another book as well written, but then I read the Initiation of Ms. Holly, and I was immediately taken in. This book is sexy, erotic, and explosive. I didn't want to put it down."e;-Dani "e;Very, very erotic and sizzling!!! Wow, I could not put it down."e;-Theresa "e;Everything you want in a romantic, erotic, sexual novel."e;-Jean "e;For a fast-paced read with enough twists and turns to keep the story fresh and entertaining, you couldn't have for a better book."e;-Christine
280 printed pages


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