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Yoga Assists

The founders of Jivamukti Yoga outline the fundamental principles of the assist, and how to apply them in practice and service to others.
The benefits of both giving and receiving an assist—the extraordinary mind/body/spirit connection between yoga teacher and student—depend on knowing what an assist is, and fully understanding the method of Jivamukti itself.
Though “corrections”—with teachers who fixed students’ mistakes—had evolved to “adjustments,” the world-renowned founders of the Jivamukti Yoga method recognized this still suggested that changes to one’s technique were necessary. In this book, they use “assist” to communicate the idea of two beings interacting on various levels of consciousness to bring into focus the five central tenets of Jivamukti: Shastra (or scripture), devotion, nonviolence, music, and meditation.
From cultivating trust and patience to final relaxation and massage, this step-by-step, fully illustrated guide—featuring dozens of asanas—explores the giving of yoga as an art, a flowing dance of body, breath, and energy between two connected beings. Whether we receive or give, an assist is an active process in the resolution of a relationship between teacher and student, a microcosm of the flowing interrelation among all people, and all species.
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    Ekaterina Bogerhas quoted5 years ago
    When is it then I'll be able
    To put an end to suffering
    With a rain of every goodness,
    Of all that's kept me well,
    From clouds of my good deeds to those
    Who are caught in the fire of suffering?
    May no single living being
    Ever again feel a single pain.
    May they never again feel afraid,
    Never again be hurt by another,
    Never again be unhappy.
    -Master Shantideva
    Marcie Mata Dhas quoted2 years ago
    Karmic Correlation
    Through relaxation in Shavasana, we are able to access all karmic relationships. The resolution of those relationships depends on our ability to bring them back to their point of origin, which is joy, and allow them to dissolve into themselves like the oroborus, the snake who eats its own tail, symbolizing infinity.
    Marcie Mata Dhas quoted2 years ago
    Ultimately there is no death; what we call death is only a process of the dissolution of the body container. The soul is immortal. A lifetime is an opportunity to purify the karmas that make up the physical body, and Shavasana is one of the methods.

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