Miles Craven

An Uncommon Attorney

An Uncommon Attorney is thrilling new historical crime novel perfect for any lover of historical novels, and especially lovers of crime fiction or thrillers. January 1793. France has executed its king, and war on Britain declared one month later. Set against this volatile backdrop is the first in a series of cases and adventures for twenty-six year old Yorkshire attorney, John Eagle. After the death of his curmudgeonly partner, John is struggling to establish his practice; he is then put on the case of a prominent Leeds merchant and JP, who has been found mysteriously run through with his own sword. It soon transpires that a number of individuals have cause for wanting the rich merchant dead. Among an overlapping mosaic of suspects, including the murdered merchant’s son, disgruntled relatives of the people he put behind bars, and local radicals hell-bent on fermenting revolution, John resolves to go it alone. Review: Nia Liversuch In the decadent era of the late 1700’s, King Louis XVI is dragged to the guillotine by his own enraged citizens. Meanwhile in the north of England Sir Henry Ibbetson, a highflying merchant and magistrate, lies dead upon the lap of young Yorkshire attorney, John Eagle. Miles Craven’s historical thriller delves into the suspicions surrounding his death from the opening page and we are immediately immersed in intrigue as Eagle is commissioned to solve the mystery. With war threatening to cross the channel, Eagle is pestered by society’s upper crust to deduce the cause of death as tactfully and swiftly as possible. However, when all signs point to murder, the eager young lawyer must put justice before discretion. In a county on the brink of a peasant revolt and populated with the families of those the victim put in prison, there is no shortage of suspects. Craven’s attention to detail for his chosen era demonstrates meticulous research as he channels the beautiful language of the time, yet the succinct chapters present the evidence as though the reader him/herself were uncovering the clues. Though our author does not assume his audience to be as familiar with the history as he clearly is as the intelligent narration of twenty-something protagonist allows the unfamiliar history to be accessible to a twenty-first century reader. Eagle questions the world around him, from the unpleasant realities of slavery to the role of women, granting insight into eighteenth century society. One of the great successes of the tale is how Craven’s leading man grows more mature by the story’s conclusion, having been granted a deeper perception into the greed and anger that can drive someone to murder, whilst been threatened himself in a series of double-entendres and threatening notes. Each of the people we are introduced to drives the story forward to an exciting and unexpected conclusion that ensures audiences will not be disappointed.
443 printed pages
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