Raman Chopra

The Last Rain Of The Winter: A Novel

Balraj, the male protagonist — a voluntarily unmarried man of thirty-five and a son of a rich father — has always proved lucky with his casual relationships with women. But, this time things have gone haywire for him. Police arrest him for his concubine's murder, which, though there is enough material evidence against him, he has not committed. The murderers themselves know not who the real sponsor of the crime is, for they were contacted by a professional crime-mediator. This paid murder results in two other murders; in fact, the unplanned ones precede the planned one, and confusion ensues. Almost everyone on the scene seems equally likely to be behind the trap, before one of them chances upon the reality to discover how, sometimes, things take on a life of their own and hem everyone in their brutal fold.
325 printed pages


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