Susan Griffin

Pornography and Silence

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    Marianahas quoted3 years ago
    We encounter the same idea of the female in the mind of Schopenhauer, who wrote that women exist solely to propagate the species, and in the mind of Hegel, who wrote that women cannot comprehend abstract ideas; in the mind of a theology which reasons that women are no
    Marianahas quoted3 years ago
    But the idea that women are closer to nature and are therefore lacking in a spiritual dimension is not new to pornography. This idea so pervades the imagery and language of civilization that the concept takes on an air of reality. For instance, Carl Jung unthinkingly equates naturalness with femaleness, and (like the Southern plantation owner) finds the African woman more female than the “civilized woman.”
    Marianahas quoted3 years ago
    pornography is filled with associations between women and animals
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