Richard M. Sparks

How to Draw Realistic Animals

Want to learn drawing but don't know where to begin? Well, your search is over.

This book will teach you basic techniques of drawing. It's OK if you don't have any experience with drawing. I can bet that you can learn to draw whatever your age might be or even if you are holding a pencil for the first time in your life. All you need is a slight interest in the subject and the patience to practice till you can draw with intention. Here, we will learn two simple yet important techniques that will greatly improve your drawing skills.  The techniques that you will learn in this book will surely make your journey fun and easy.

The first technique will teach you how to draw anything using just a few simple shapes.

The second technique that you will learn is used by a complete beginner and a skilled artist alike. This technique is called the Art Grid method.

We will discuss both the techniques in detail in the following sections. In this book you will find step by step instructions to draw 25 animals using the above techniques followed by 35+ practice images, where you can apply the skills that you have learned.

Though this book aims at teaching you “How to Draw Realistic Animals,” but by practicing the techniques that you will learn in this book, you can draw literally anything, with increasing confidence and enjoyment.

Before we begin, I wish you the confidence of a toddler doodling all over the wall, being joyful and proud of his creation. Remember that every artist has a unique perspective and way of drawing and he keeps on improving and perfecting his craft through practice. But during all the stages of his journey right from the moment he first decides to hold a pencil, he is an Artist, just like You.

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