The Uncomplicated Coach, Neal Woodson
Neal Woodson

The Uncomplicated Coach

147 printed pages
The Uncomplicated Coach is here as an antidote to the confusing and impractical solutions provided in so many management books. Here there is a practical and straightforward guide that any manager can use to solve many of the challenges in today's rapidly evolving workplaces and customer spaces.

Business leaders the world over want to create environments where employees want to work rather than have to work. And what manager doesn't want employees to deliver their best to customers? However, antiquated philosophies and thinking still rule the day and leaders constantly struggle with a lack of alternatives, so they continue slogging away with the same old tired systems.

The narrative of business is changing. Our workplaces and the processes involved in managing them are being redefined every day while all of the traditional problems related to revenue, employees, costs, and customers are still lurking in every corner.

Moreover, employee engagement levels are declining and in some cases at all-time lows. Each and every day, people run off to jobs where they feel they can contribute more but aren't engaged to do it. Managers in every industry are stretched with more and more responsibilities, measurements, and expectations that they must meet and exceed, all in a 24-hour day. And, as if that's not enough challenge, the landscape of the business world is being transformed by a customer base that is hyper-connected, demanding of immediate attention, and in constant pursuit of innovative solutions. It is enough for most leaders to simply throw up their hands in quiet, or in some cases, quite anguished desperation.

Given all of this, the practical ideas of the Uncomplicated Coach are here to help. With a no-nonsense and easy-to-apply approach, any manager can develop their leadership skills all the while building a team engaged and contributing to a better workplace that improves the experience of customers.

Through the use of a story, a handbook with technical details, and simple exercises where ideas can be applied to day-to-day life, any manager or soon-to-be-manager can grow their leadership skills and engage their team members to reach their potential.

The Uncomplicated Coach is written for busy managers and leaders of organizations who are frustrated with low employee engagement, indifferent customers, and lagging results. Many books are available to help but so many present complicated formulas and hard-to-apply techniques that result in little change and no real reduction in frustration. The Uncomplicated Coach simplifies things and presents an easy-to-remember process of coaching conversations that allow managers to engage and empower while improving results for both the organization and their customers.
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