Joan Aiken,Ian Andrew

The Scream

When Davey and his sister are orphaned, their grandmother comes from a remote island to look after them—bringing macabre powers and dark secrets
When Davey and his family moved to the city from the island of Muckle Burra off the coast of Scotland, they left his grandmother behind. But now his parents are dead—after a car accident that left Davey confined to a wheelchair—and Gran has moved in to take care of him and his sister, Lu-Lyn. A strange girl with a bizarre personality, Lu-Lyn is obsessed with 2 things: ballet and returning to Muckle Burra, where she was born. She believes that both she and Gran are “Ridders” who have strange, dark powers: With just 1 cast of their Evil Eye, bad things will start to happen. . . .
When Lu-Lyn puts a terrible curse on the neighborhood boys who’ve been terrorizing her, it seems as if Gran’s dark arts have followed her from Muckle Burra. Then tragedy rocks their family again, and Davey embarks on a journey that will reveal the true secret of his grandmother’s rare gift—and the limitless power of his own potential.
This ebook features illustrations by Ian Andrew and a personal history of Joan Aiken including rare images from the author’s estate.
109 printed pages
Original publication


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