B. Diane Blackwood

QlikView for Finance

Concoct dynamic business intelligence dashboards for financial analysis with QlikView
About This BookGet accustomed to QlikView features for effective data analysis and visualization in FinanceEmploy the Memory data store, which refreshes data in real time, providing a faster response to business financial informationA step-by step guide to using Qlikview features such as key performance indicators, interactive charts, and tables for financial analysisWho This Book Is ForIf you are a finance professional with basic knowledge of QlikView functions and wish to increase your knowledge of QlikView to apply it in the field of finance, then this book is for you. A good knowledge of financial aspects is an must-have.
What You Will LearnDesign Key Performance Indicators and extend your revenue ratio reportingSet up actions within a Text Object and create variables to make a chart toggle between visible and not visibleMerge data from multiple sources to get more asset management optionsExamine good and bad practices in dashboard design and create a Group button to make more data available in less spaceAnalyse the sales dashboard by adding tending lines and forecastingCreate input boxes and use the input in formulas to perform “What If” analysisExamine the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and Inventory Turnover, and investigate the usefulness of PivotCreate a QlikView analysis document and add data to it to gain deep insightsIn DetailThis book is an effective step-by-step tutoring guide for financial analysis using Qlikview.
It begins by teaching you the crucial concepts of Qlikview Finance to help you develop an effective understanding of financial data analysis and finance. The book then goes on to cover real-world, practical examples on the use of Qlikview for financial planning and analysis, expense management, risk management, and more.
Moving on, topics such as Asset Management QlikView Dashboard and Retail Sales Analysis are covered in a strategic way. We then shift the focus to deal with the concepts of Inventory, Supply Chain, and Plant Coverage Dashboards. The book then reaches its conclusion by dealing with ways to share your QlikView insights. By the end of this book, you will have a good understanding of how to use Qlikview for numerous applications in finance.
Style and approachThis book is designed to explore what can be done in QlikView to facilitate Financial Analysis. It follows a step-by-step approach and each chapter has easy-to-follow, hands-on examples of important concepts.
220 printed pages



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