Anthony Fung,Jason T. William

Paleo Diet – The Science and Art of Paleo Diet

Your Roots will Reveal Priceless Knowledge to Lose Weight…

Finding the right diet is always a difficult task. Some are just fads, and don’t offer solid results. Others, are extreme and seemingly impossible for the average man to follow. The book ‘Paleo Diet — The Science and Art of Paleo Diet’ offers a complete beginners guide to one of the most successful diets ever, the Paleo Diet.

Are you tired of trying different diets? Do you wish to find a diet that helps you to really lose weight fast? Pay close attention, this book holds the key to your dream body!

So, What is the Paleo Diet?

This diet is based on the eating habits of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, dating back to the Paleolithic Era. Highly nutritional, it’s the right diet to give you a healthy body;It’s highly efficient for weight loss. Its meal plans include lean meats and fishes (like salmon), fruits, vegetables, seeds, oils (like olive oil or walnut oil), and nuts.It’s very low on carbs and promotes an active and energetic lifestyle.

Get in touch with your ancestors, and reproduce their way of life. Your body and mind will immediately feel the difference of a healthy and balanced meal plan!

The secret of the Paleo diet is in its ingredients. If you go crazy counting calories, this is the perfect diet for you since all its meals are very light and low in calories. You won’t lose your mind trying to count calories, knowing that every meal is healthy and balanced. Your metabolism is accelerated and fat is burned much faster, making it possible for you to reach your dream weight.

Your weight problem has a solution. Here’s how this book can help you:

Step by step you will learn how to build a perfect meal plan rich in nutrients to reach the weight you wish while keeping a healthy body.Develop a stronger sense of self-discipline and confidence, so you will never give up on your goals again.It serves as a complete guide that stays by your side under any circumstances, with valuable insights and knowledge that will change the way you perceive diets forever.

Give your body a more dynamic life today with the book ‘Paleo Diet — The Science and Art of Paleo Diet’. You will only reach the body of your dreams if you start changing your eating habits today. And with this book, that road will be easier to walk, while it prepares you mentally for the challenge. The effort will be highly rewarding.

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