Malcolm H.Murfett,Brian Farell,Chiang Ming Shun,John Miksic

Between 2 Oceans (2nd Edn). A Military History of Singapore from 1275 to 1971

Many books have been written about Singapore’s much vaunted position as a crucial maritime centre along the East-West trading route, but one aspect of its history—the military perspective—has, for the most part, escaped serious scholarly attention. Between Two Oceans plugs this historical gap. Drawing on an impressive range of archaeological and historical sources gleaned from research and documents in Britain, India, Singapore, United States and Australia, the book traces the geo-strategic development of Singapore from its first settlement in the thirteenth century through the turbulent phases of the Early Modern period to the dramatic military episodes of the twentieth century. In presenting a balanced view of this momentous story, the authors have sought to dispel many of the myths about Singapore’s military history that have grown up in the past and are now assumed to be factually correct. Between Two Oceans breaks new ground in revealing the difference between fact and fiction in Singapore’s fascinating military past. This updated edition contains new findings which have come to light since the publication of the last edition, giving an unprecedented breadth and depth of perspective to this historical account.
846 printed pages
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