A Joosr Guide to Sort Your Brain out by Adrian Webster and Jack Lewis

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You have the most powerful and advanced supercomputer housed between your ears. Utilize its power, optimize its function and make the most of the most valuable asset you'll ever have-your brain.

Sort Your Brain Out by Adrian Webster and Jack Lewis is a scientific self-help book. Within its pages you will discover what scientists have known for years about the power of the brain. Sort Your Brain Out provides scientific principles which will improve your brain's performance and efficiency, all based on the theory of neuroplasticity. With a clearer understanding of how the brain functions and what it needs to remain healthy, you'll be able to change ingrained behaviours and beliefs that used to hold you back. These principles will help bring about profound changes in your brain and your life.

You will learn:

· Why you need to control your stress levels

· How daydreaming can actually help you when problem solving

· What you can do today to optimize your brain function.
19 printed pages
Joosr, Joosr Ltd


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