John's Progression, Clive Hoad
Clive Hoad

John's Progression

John had helped Cath through a testing time of disturbing dreams when she regressed to a distant past.
Having gone through a grueling session of hypnosis with her, Cath's trauma had finally concluded but at John's expense. Placed deep in regression himself John had suffered a heart attack and had slipped into a coma.
Now recovered, John and Cath were happily married, Cath continuing with her writing whilst John continued with his property developments. His latest project was a country cottage where he had traveled to view progress of alterations. Little did he know that this day was to progress in a way he could never have imagined.
After an accident John's mind took him years into the future (progression) as Jensen, an officer of the law. There's a mission he has to accomplish, which concerns the whole of humanity. Not only that, the outcome could also mean life or death to himself in the real world.
Armed with determination and modern technology this controversial future has an unforeseen conclusion.
306 printed pages
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