Mandy Baggot

A Perfect Paris Christmas

'Paris, passion and a penguin called Pepe. 5 festive stars!' 5* Review — Nicola May, bestselling author of The Cornershop in Cockleberry Bay
'Romance sweeter than a cupful of hot chocolate and marshmallows!' 5* Review — Debbie Viggiano, author of What Holly's Husband Did
'Brilliantly funny, heartfelt and impossibly festive' Portia MacIntosh, author of The Great Ex-scape

United in grief. Pushed apart by tragedy.
Keeley Andrews knows more than anyone that you only live once. So when she receives an invitation to spend two weeks in Paris, all expenses paid, she jumps at the chance.
Ethan Bouchard has had the worst eighteen months of his life. He's ready to give up on everything, including his hotel chain. So when he meets Keeley, it simply isn't the right time.
As Keeley and Ethan continue to bump into each other on the romantic Parisian streets, they can't help but wonder whether this is fate telling them to let go of the past and leap into the future…
Head to Paris this Christmas and fall in love under the lights of the Eiffel Tower with best-selling author, Mandy Baggot.

Praise for A Perfect Paris Christmas:
'This is a perfect story set in Paris at Christmastime that can be read year-round!' NetGalley 5* Review
'A sparkling five-star read' NetGalley 5* Review
411 printed pages
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