Anna Hamlin Weikel

Betty Baird

Betty Baird, the daughter of Doctor Baird, a Presbyterian minister of the village of Weston, is sent away to the Pines, a boarding school. At first, she is ridiculed by the more popular, and wealthier girls. But soon, Betty charms them with her unique and captivating personality, and she and her new friends go on many lighthearted adventures.
This is the first volume in Anna Hamlin Weikel’s Betty Baird series, which was extremely popular among young girl in the early 1900s.
The audiobook version of this novel is narrated by Holly Jenson, the author's great grand niece.

Anna Hamlin Wikel (1864-?) was an American author from Pennsylvania. She who wrote under the pen name Anna Hamlin Weikel. She was married to Henry Wikel, a private school teacher. She made books her career and is mostly remembered today for her “Betty Baird” children’s book series. The character of Betty’s father in these novels was inspired by her own father, the clergyman Benjamin Hamlin.
163 printed pages
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Saga Egmont

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