Let's Talk Arabic

(Let's Talk Arabic) is the faster and easier way to learn this language as it is:
- A comprehensive book that will have you speaking Arabic with confidence in no time as it includes:
- 15 step-by-step lessons
- Practical vocabulary and authentic everyday usage
- Simple explanations and plenty of examples
- Supplemental sections, including e-mail and internet resources
- A comprehensive grammar reference section
- A simple and effective guide teaches you everything you need to know to read and write Arabic. There are simple step-by-step explanations, plenty of practice reading exercises. No previous knowledge of Arabic is assumed.
- The book teaches the basics of Modern Standard Arabic using a simple and effective building-block method which is proven, simple, solid and reliable, as it has been successful for few years!
- The book includes everything you need – vocabulary, grammar, culture, and practice, and English – Arabic – English dictionary.
373 printed pages
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    manzoorarshadhas quoted4 years ago
    Nouns in Arabic if they end with the sound (a) - called in Arabic (taa' marbuuta)- are generally or 90% feminine, and masculine if they end in anything else. Examples:

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