Timmie Guzzmann

Ghost Stories, Villagers, Monsters & Zombie Invasion & Apocalypse Stories

Hi M Craft Fans! Spend a little time with the Amazing Tale of M Craft that includes a collection of hilarious M Craft Tips & Tricks, M Craft Toys, M Craft Jokes, Funny M Craft comics & M Craft Pictures, Intriguing M Craft Building Ideas, M Craft Adventures, and some creepy Villagers, Monsters, Zombie Invasion & Apocalypse Stories. You will love seeing the funny and rhyming dimension of this M Craft adventure book. If you love Dr. Seuss style poems and rhymes and are a true M Crafter you will love these fun & hilarious graphic novels organized in chapter book style like a novel for kids. Just CLICK to LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK and see for yourself! For less than a cup of Starbucks coffee, this Minecraft book for kids is a great addition for your kid's Minecraft collection! It is a fun read and helps your kid learn about new and exciting Minecraft words and Minecraft adventures that capture his or her interest…
28 printed pages
Original publication
Inge Baum


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