Amanda Cinelli

The Secret to Marrying Marchesi

A billionaire’s indiscretion with an actress leads to a scandalous secret baby, a wedding, and perhaps true love in this contemporary romance.
Read all about Italian billionaire Rigo Marchesi’s secret love child with London actress Nicole Duvalle. The biggest bombshell to hit the Marchesi Group could destroy CEO Rigo’s latest business deal. Unless the rumors that the baby scandal will have a fairy-tale ending are true?
This reporter has the inside scoop on their top-secret wedding. From Nicole’s couture dress to their sizzling clinch outside the honeymoon suite. The chemistry might be real, but the question on everybody’s lips is:
Is this a union of convenience, or one of love?
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    I were to agree to this
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    ou would have to deal with their judgement either way. Why not do it on
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    In this world our lives are just one big game to the public. Sometimes we are forced to choose whether to play or be played.’

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