Mystery Child: Book 1, Nixon Mateulah
Nixon Mateulah

Mystery Child: Book 1

In the remote village of Chidedza on a day when the cocks refused to crow and nature itself seemed to turn inside out with unnatural occurrences; a seventy year old woman gave birth to a grey haired, walking and talking child. But even more unnatural and frightening was the fact that the child walked backwards. Fear spread through the inhabitants of the small village. Upon hearing of the child, the village chief demanded that it be brought before him; where he chose an Inyanga to examine the child. Upon discovering the horrific truth of the child's conception, and afraid his involvement would be discovered, the chief ordered his Induna's to chase them out of the village… A strange encounter with a lion sets the remarkable child on a journey to the Kingdom of Gotham…
18 printed pages
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