Kevin Jobson

Communication Style

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were able to better communicate with other people, whether that be in the office with colleagues, with your clients, or with your friends and family?
Perhaps you see other people in your life and the way they are able to communicate with others, and you want to know what their secret to success is.
Or you might have recently moved jobs to a more customer-facing role, which now requires you to be able to communicate better than you needed to in your previous role.
It could even be that you are looking to improve your communication skills with your partner or improve your social skills.
Whatever your goal is, Communication Style is the right book to help you get there. This book has all the aspects you need to better your communication skills, and as a result, bring more success into each aspect of your life.
Communication is one of the most important tools that successful people have at their disposal. While some people may be clever, may have better ideas, and may even have more to offer other people, if they aren't able to communicate this information to others effectively, then it will likely get lost in the shuffle.
Without communication, it can be hard to get people to buy into your ideas at work or to take notice of the ideas and points that you make in meetings.
Equally, without effective communication skills at home, it can be hard to develop deep relationships because you are unable to express how you truly feel to your partner.
Not communicating your feelings to your partner is one of the main reasons that relationships break down, as people don't feel as if they truly know you without knowing how you feel.
However, after reading this book, you will be pleased to find that you no longer have these issues in your life anymore, and the sky will become the limit for what you can achieve in your personal and work life!
Inside Communication Style, discover:
●     The tips and tricks that successful people use to better communicate
●     What it is that is currently preventing you from communicating well
●     Daily habits you can instill into your life that will lead to better communication on a long-term basis
These are just a few of the great topics we cover in this book!
108 printed pages
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