Henry VIII

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    This is a short book in which the author constructs a good narrative that tries to explain different events under the tesis of the importance of Henry VIII within his context. So far, the best book on this king that I have ever read.


    Claudia Rondón Bohórquezhas quoted5 years ago
    Mr. Froude has expressed his concurrence in the dictum that the facts of history are like the letters of the alphabet; by selection and arrangement they can be made to spell anything, and nothing can be arranged so easily as facts. Experto crede. Yet selection is inevitable, and arrangement essential. The historian has no option if he wishes to be intelligible. He will naturally arrange his facts so that they spell what he believes to be the truth; and he must of necessity suppress those facts which he judges to be immaterial or inconsistent with the scale on which he is writing.

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