Henry VIII

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  • Claudia Rondón Bohórquezshared an impression7 years ago
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    This is a short book in which the author constructs a good narrative that tries to explain different events under the tesis of the importance of Henry VIII within his context. So far, the best book on this king that I have ever read.


  • Claudia Rondón Bohórquezhas quoted7 years ago
    He is Machiavelli's Prince in action.
  • Claudia Rondón Bohórquezhas quoted7 years ago
    The storm cleared the air and dissipated many a pestilent vapour, but it left a trail of wreck and ruin over the land. The nation purchased political salvation at the price of moral debasement; the individual was sacrificed on the altar of the State; and popular subservience proved the impossibility of saving a people from itself.
  • Claudia Rondón Bohórquezhas quoted7 years ago
    The contrast was almost as flagrant in many a State trial in the reign of Henry VIII.; no king was so careful of law,[1175] but he was not so careful of justice. Therein lay his safety, for the law takes no cognisance of injustice, unless the injustice is also a breach of the law, and Henry rarely, if ever, broke the law. Not only did he keep the law, but he contrived that the nation should always proclaim the legality of his conduct.

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