Andrew McGregor

Bloodied Hunger

1986: London. A cultural revolution is upon the population. Money is good. Free Enterprise is the culture. The Falklands war is over. Margeret Thatcher is Prime Minister, the Conservatives in their second consecutive term in government. House ownership, capitalism, profit are the fashion. The boom of advertising and music videos fill television screens. Mobile phones, CCTV and DNA profiling are in their infancy.

The seeming emergence of a sadistic serial killer luring unwitting victims and using their basic human urges against them calls for an extreme response from the police. As the slaughter escalates across West London, the killer appears to be an elusive and intelligent predator targeting a section of the community isolated from the public mainstream.

As the body count mounts and public attention turns to the competency of their capital’s police force, drastic measures are called for in desperate attempts to gain information on the identity of the possible killer as the blood lust accelerates.
306 printed pages
Original publication


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