Innocent Graves, Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson

Innocent Graves

425 printed pages
In New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award-winning author Peter Robinson’s brilliant thriller, Inspector Banks must solve the grisly murder of a beautiful teenage girl from a privileged family while uncovering the sordid lies that surround a village determined to keep its secrets hidden.
A body is discovered in a graveyard—above ground. It is the sort of horrific crime Chief Inspector Alan Banks fled the city to escape. But the murder of a bright teenager from a wealthy, respected family is not the end of the nightmare. Lies, dark secrets, and sinister clues swirl around this killing like leaves in an autumn wind, leading to a shattering travesty of justice that will divide a suspicious community. Yet Banks must remain vigilant in his hunt—because when the devil is left free to pursue his terrible calling, more blood will surely flow.
Electrifying and utterly addictive, Innocent Graves is one of Peter Robinson’s most chilling tales of suspense.
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khushbooavshas quoted4 years ago
ary of strangers. And Stott was sure that a stranger had murdered Deborah Harrison.
They were standing in the rain outside the Nag’s Head at the north-west corner of Kendal Road and North Market Street, diagonally across from St. Mary’s Church, and Stott was ready to do just about anything to shut Hatchley up.
It wasn’t the kind of pub you’d expect in such a wealthy area, Stott thought: no thick carpet, polished brass and gleaming wood, pot of mulled wine heating on the bar. In fact, it looked distinctly shabby. He guessed it was probably a traveler’s pub, being situated at such an important junction. In one form or another, Kendal Road ran all the way from the Lake District to the east coast and Market Street was a major north-south route. The locals would have their own tasteful pubs hidden away in the residential streets. Either that or they drove out to the country cl
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