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Jessie Jakes

Diary Of A Sugar Baby

Have you been fantasizing about being swept off your feet by a billionaire?

Have you been dreaming of meeting your Prince Charming who will fly you off to an all-expense paid life of luxury but unfortunately, been settling for cheap dates and ending up with the men you always had to pay their bills?

If it's not a crime for a man to be attracted to a beautiful lady, what makes it a crime for a lady to be attracted to a wealthy man? Life doesn't have to be stressful if you make wise choices. Wise ladies attract riches!

This book will help you climb the ladder of riches without stress.

You will have the ability to instantly recognize the strength of any wealthy man's bank account and also the ability to spot imposters wherever you go. No matter your bank balance, you will learn how to socialize with the rich and influential without breaking the bank.

You will learn how to turn a super wealthy man into your personal ATM.

You will learn how the rich think and what makes them fall in love, by getting into their minds.

Once you learn how rich men think, being a rich man's wife becomes easy.

This book will teach you the art of dating a rich man and turning this dating into a walk down the aisle.

So, waste no more time fantasizing about your fairytale world; when turning your fairytale world into your real world could be as easy as getting this book and reading it now.

Jessie Jakes.
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