Scott La Counte

iPad Pro For Seniors

iOS is dead! At least on the iPad. While the operating system obviously lives on in iPhones, 2019 is a big year for the iPad because Apple has released an update so big that it has a new name: iPadOS.
The name change isn’t just a clever marketing tactic. It implies that iPads are more than just wimpy gadgets—they are computer power-horses that can run heavy apps and do the same kind of work you would do on a laptop or desktop.
All that power means that you can run more than one app at once, so it should not be any sur-prise that most of the biggest updates to the OS center around multitasking (i.e. running more than one app) and helping you be more productive.
This book is based off of iPad Pro models (the ones without a Home button); that doesn’t mean it’s not useful if your iPad has a Home button, but some features will work slightly differently.
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