Adeola Oyekola

The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room and The Christmas PresentWaiting on God is an essential Christian value. Sometimes doubt creeps into our hearts and we become discouraged. Discouragement opens the door to anxiety, grief and uncertainty-these together bring about suffocation. The Waiting Room is a play that reveals a man's effort to find a greener pasture that eventually leads him to an unhealthy relationship, thereby putting his home at risk of collapse. The play also pursues a cultural theme that encourages the exploration of other cultures.

The Christmas Present reminds us of how easy it is to get so wrapped up in daily duties and so-called obligations that we forget about relationships and people who need us and what we can give. All the frantic impersonal activity will someday pass away, but what we do for people in Christ's name will last forever and yield eternal results.
31 printed pages
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