Bumped Into Boss's Arms

«In the end, the man in my bed to be my ex-husband's uncle! "
After three years of marriage, Galina Mill finally decided to have a baby with Rich Griffiths. While when she was preparing a big surprise for Rich, she just found that he had been messing with another woman… Trying to take the revenge, Galina went to a bar for fun. She met Salmon Griffiths, who was in charge of the Griffiths Group.
“Does it really matter who I have sex with to get pregnant? The baby would be better-looking if I did it with a handsome man!” As she thought about this, she looked around the dance floor and a tall figure not far away caught her gaze. Although she could not see the man's appearance clearly, his height and figure was particularly prominent amongst the crowd. He was surrounded by tons of people, as he was being followed by several men and women in suits and leather shoes. He was brimming with elegance. «He’s the one!” she thought. After making up her mind, she took a deep breath, ran her hands through her hair, and walked towards the crowd in her high heels. “Oh, I'm so dizzy!” When she passed by the crowd, she feigned spraining her ankle and fell straight into the arms of that man who was at the front of the group. His pair of large, strong arms circled Galina's waist and steadied her. As she lay in the stranger’s cool and sturdy arms, a strong masculine musk swept over Galina. She felt her mouth go dry, all her sanity was slowly being sucked out of her.. “You smells so good…”
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