Florian Hobelsberger

Financial, Trade and Administrative Management in China

This reference book is a crash course for the majority of relevant topics in the areas of Laws and Legal Framework and the Management of Finance, Taxation, Human Resources, Trade and Sales for:

— Managers and Professionals holding or taking over a position in China;

— Corporate functions in other countries which cooperate with Chinese subsidiaries, customers and suppliers, and

— People who are interested in the regulatory, financial and business environment in China, e.g. students.

While in its short form it cannot introduce every topic to the fullest extent, the target is to provide the reader with a toolkit of general understanding and evaluating important business-related topics in China. It is also a base of inspiration to choose which topics you might want check out in more detail and includes practical hints and a description of common pitfalls. This book is not a cultural guide.

Florian Hobelsberger (MBA) has years of management experience in the Chinese market in a variety of functions including Strategy, Business Development, Project Management, Finance and Administration.
He started writing this book since he could not find an available publication which could bring him conveniently up to speed: He would have happily purchased it during the transition of becoming a manager instead of researching topics for hours himself or learning some things “the hard way.”

Major discussed topics — amongst others — are as following:

— Rules of Conduct
— General Rules of the Civil Law
— Contract Law 
— Company Law 
— Commonly forgotten contract elements
— Cooperating with lawyers
— Chops
— IT Infrastructure
— Data Protection and Cybersecurity
— Environment/Health/Safety/Fire Protection
— Chinese Accounting Principles
— Financial Statements and Valuations
— Chinese Invoices (Fapiao)
— Treasury Procedures
— Cross-Border Money Transfers
— Transfer Pricing
— Corporate Income Tax 
— VAT, VAT Surcharges and other taxes
— Withholding Tax 
— Profit Repatriation
— Customer and Vendor Management
— Import Regulations
— Intellectual Property Protection
— Antitrust
— Market Positioning
— Product Management
— Sales Channel Management
— Marketing
— Labor Law 
— Important company policies that should be implemented
— Compensation Strategy
— Trainings.
251 printed pages
Original publication



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