Catherine LaCroix,F. Lockhaven

Savior of Dragons

Legend tells of a traveler who roams the world upon the back of wind itself. A song sung by Asher, the bard at the Twisted Key Pub, so claims that even an ordinary man may learn to fly, so long as he first learns to put others before himself. The great bard learns the story well, and if one would like to hear its tale, all one must do is accept as true that men, and not dragons, are beasts.

Follow the journey of a young man named Nero as he encounters a real life dragon and the path that leads him away from their fateful meeting. What will legend tell of the man known as Nero? In a world where the wings of the mighty dragon whip the fears and savagery of men into a frenzy, the keeper of a true heart may prove to be the mightiest of all.

Mythical Melodies: Stories of the Twisted Key is a series of stories collected from the furthest reaches of every dale, hilltop, and kingdom where magic thrives and fantastical creatures roam free. Pay a visit to the legendary Twisted Key and grab a spot by the fireplace, as you are regaled with tales of bravery, adventure, and more!

Begin your epic journey today with Savior of Dragons!
24 printed pages
Original publication



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