Cythia Barton Rabe

The Messiah Gene

When the cash-strapped young widow Aubrey Backster answers an ad seeking participants for a genetic research study, she opens the door to life-or-death mayhem that will carry her around the world and into the gravest possible danger. It seems that Aubrey has a rare, supernatural ability to destroy matter…with her mind. And those who would seek to control that power-including a psychopathic terrorist with a grudge against Muslims-will stop at nothing to control Aubrey. In an exciting countdown-to-zero-hour chase from Oregon to Hawaii to Paris, as Aubrey's precious daughter and ailing father become pawns in the struggle, Aubrey must learn-very quickly-how her remarkable brain works, whom she can trust with the lives of her family, and how to use her wits to outrun the criminals on her trail. What's more, Aubrey's predicament isn't just personal and she knows it. The fate of the world may hang in the balance if she can't figure out how to protect it from her own extraordinary capabilities. Fans of the work of Dan Brown, Thomas Harris, and Stephen King will find surefire elements of all of these authors to savor here-along with the unusual addition of a woman-a mother-at the center of the action.
406 printed pages
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