The Book of Andrew: Anecdotes and Antidotes, Tick GramGram
Tick GramGram

The Book of Andrew: Anecdotes and Antidotes

GramGram and Tick’s first collaboration is a huge triumph, a must read. A fast paced thriller combining excitement and compassion through a touching collaboration of humorous family poems created together between loving grandmother and grandson.

“Imagining is quite delightful.
You can pretend the scene is frightful,
Yet you know that naught’s amiss,
Our Andrew is a star at this.

“A must read for all you elf haters. Never before have elf’s been so misrepresented and typecast in literature. We are kind, sensitive creates and seldom haunt young boys, unless they have earned it. Andrew is generally despised in the Elf world, and I can assure you this feeling is well deserved”… Valandil Telrúnya, Elder Elf “Lordy Lordy! A scandalous misrepresentation of my garden and pet elves. I can assure ya’ll that I’ve spent years raising my darling lil’ elves, and it wasn’t until that young whippersnapper Andrew challenged me and my almighty authority that I turned the Elf pack onto him”… Gran
39 printed pages
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