George Horace Lorimer

Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to His Son / Being the Letters written by John Graham, Head of the House / of Graham and Company, Pork-Packers in Chicago, familiarly / known on 'Change as "Old Gorgon Graham," to his Son, / Pierrepont, facetiously know

196 printed pages
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    Dmitryhas quoted2 years ago
    With most people happiness is something that is always just a day off. But I have made it a rule never to put off being happy till to-morrow. Don’t accept notes for happiness, because you’ll find that when they’re due they’re never paid, but just renewed for another thirty days.
    Dmitryhas quoted2 years ago
    “Dear Jack,” she says, all smiles and sugar; “dear Jack, I’ve just heard. Edith has told me, though I’d suspected something for a long, long time, you rogue,” and she fetched him another kittenish clip with the fan.
    Jack looked about the way I once saw old Miss Curley, the president of the Good Templars back in our town in Missouri, look at a party when she half-swallowed a spoonful of her ice cream before she discovered that it was flavored with liquor
    Dmitryhas quoted2 years ago
    Of course, when a fellow gets to the point where he is something in particular, he doesn’t have to care because he doesn’t look like anything special; but while a young fellow isn’t anything in particular, it is a mighty valuable asset if he looks like something special

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