Laura Lovecraft

Mom Likes Porn, Too

Joey loves porn…more specifically mother-son porn. He watches it constantly, and wishes he could be one of the lucky sons in those videos. Those sons have smoking hot mothers who like nothing more than to enjoy their boys in every way. Joey's mom looks just as good as the women in those videos, but all he can do is dream of her. That is, until she reveals a secret to him: that Mom likes porn too!


“Oh, listen to him begging his mother.” She whispered. Mom’s voice was husky and I could feel her heavy breathing on my face.  “And he’s whimpering, oh she has total control of that boy, doesn’t she?”

“I…mom why are you watching this?”

“Same reason you are, Joey.” She looked at me and winked, “Because they turn me on.”

“They…” I had put my hands in my lap covering myself and my shaft had shrunk due to being afraid of how much trouble I was in, but at her words, it began to swell once more. “They do?”

“Damn straight they do!” Mom put her arm around my shoulder and placing her hand on my chest she trailed her long purple nails across my skin. “I watch them all the time, this is my favorite site! Yours too?”

“Y…yeah.” I whispered looking down at her hand which was now sliding down my stomach.

“Baby, do you watch these just because you think they’re fun or do you think of me?”

“I…of course I don’t think of you!”

“Aww.” Mom sighed, “I was hoping you did, because honey, I think of you.”
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