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Selected Essays of John Berger

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Booker wining novelist, playwright, essayist, poet and critic – even admirers rarely know John Berger in all his literary incarnations. This collection of essays will, for the first time, take a definitive look at his extraordinary career.Far from being footnotes to the main body of work Berger's essays are absolutely central to it. Many of the ideas of the groundbreaking Ways of Seeing were presented first in essays published in New Society. Polemical, reflective, radically original, Berger's wide-ranging essays emphasise the continuities that have underpinned more than 40 years of tireless intellectual inquiry and political engagement. Viewed chronologically they add up, in fact, to a kind of vicarious autobiography and a history of our time as refracted through the prism of art. Edited by Geoff Dyer, and published on the occasion of his 75th birthday, this is an essential collection by one of the world's greatest writers.
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  • Martha M Cruzhas quoted4 years ago
    Life, the Universe, the Void, have no value for thought when it is truly free. The only thing that has value for it is Meaning, that is the moral concept of the Impossible.’
  • Martha M Cruzhas quoted4 years ago
    It assumes that the truth is to be found in appearances which are therefore worth preserving by being represented. It assumes continuity in time as also in space.
  • Martha M Cruzhas quoted4 years ago
    This value of materiality was expressed through the illusion of tangibility

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