Vinod Kaul

CONFESSIONS of an MBA and other stories

Confessions of an MBA exposes contradictions in today’s real world where society demands hard choices but where even when one’s cup runneth over, it still fails to quench the inner thirst. The eight stories here give an unparalleled depth to this yearning of a new generation of Indians. Meet Gautam, who treads the socially acceptable path of the power-MBA but finds that this does not result in happiness. It takes a simple girl, Veena, to bring him down to earth to rediscover timeless values. Thrown together by fate in the Big City, Ramesh and Major Anoop Sharma are paired with lovers, Deepa and Kalpana, who have different compulsions than their own. How can they reconcile their dreams with their realities? A clash of Eastern and Western cultures can be personally unsettling. Caught in the cross-currents of acceptance and rejection, the Raina family discovers the hard way that, ultimately, all that matters is understanding, tolerance, and reconciliation. Yearning for her idyllic past in the beautiful Vale of Kashmir, Uma clings to her nostalgia and refuses to let go until diabolical circumstances around her finally catch up.Heaven is not an escape for long, and hell can be an inspiration in its own way. In a lighter vein, and with dark humour, Asha and Vikas struggle to find a space for themselves as the inconsistencies between hopes, efforts, and results cross celestial boundaries. …And more!
199 printed pages


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