Bill Davis

The Revelation of Jesus

When you think of Jesus, how do you picture him? Do you see a young man with long hair and full beard wearing sandals and a long white robe? He is sitting on a rock with adoring children sitting all around him. Or do you envision him driving the merchants and money changers from the Temple with the whip he made? His hair is wet with sweat and his clothes wrinkled and dirty.Do you see Jesus attacking the top religious leaders of his time even when questioned by his own disciples? Have you found the Jesus who disregarded the rules of Jewish tradition by talking alone with a woman at the well?Without fear or any regard for his own safety, Jesus stood between a woman caught in adultery and the mob wanting to stone her. He taught us a lot about forgiveness and love as he said:“He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”Is your Jesus meek and mild or strong and wild? He is a man full of compassion and love while still demanding obedience to his teachings. As you read this book, I pray that you will fall in love with this man we call Jesus.
144 printed pages
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