Coward Huntington


A thoughtful, sensual and highly erotic account of a young gay man's sexually charged relationship with his childhood best friend, Emelia. Paul cannot refuse Emelia a place to stay in Berlin when she asks. Quarantined in his Kreuzberg apartment full of the plants he has meticulously tended, the friends are constant companions, cooped up together and even sleeping in the same bed. Paul is beset by sexual frustration, yearning to satisfy himself, unable to do so with her in the apartment.

In bed while Emelia showers one morning, he reflects on their past, and on his frustration. It turns out Emelia has frustrations of her own, and when she starts to reveal them, Paul is unable to resist. His attraction to Emelia makes him question himself, whereas her pansexual attitude suggests that sex with a woman needn't make him less gay. They share a blissful experience, satisfying their desires while preserving their long-standing friendship.
29 printed pages
Original publication



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