Nibiru Vampire Warriors – Chapter Six, D.J.Manly, A.J.Llewellyn

Nibiru Vampire Warriors – Chapter Six

Stride and Zero find that being sent back to ancient times means revisiting old wars and opening up old wounds…
When we last saw Stride and Zero, they had plummeted back in time to Pompeii's last day when the town became buried under a volcanic eruption. Somehow catapulted into the Coliseum, Stride must now face lions and an unexpected foe in the form of a demon.
Meanwhile, Zero comes face to face with Stride's vile and villainous mother, The Vampire Queen, who keeps Zero hostage in the stands with her, forcing him to watch Stride fight for his life. Can Zero and Stride escape the death she wishes to bestow on them both?
Reader Advisory:This book is part of an ongoing serial series, best read in order as it continues.

60 printed pages


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