Nigel Coles

Save Your Breath

With the help of many real-life examples, this book will help you improve your scuba diving air consumption, leading to longer dive times, more relaxing dives and a happier dive buddy.
Why do you need a book about how to improve your air consumption for scuba diving?

* If you regularly get back on the boat first, second, third or fourth and have to wait around for all the other divers, then this book is for you.
* If you find yourself stressing out about the amount of air you use, which leads to you using more air, then this book is for you.
* If you are a relatively new diver then unless you took to this sport like a fish to water, then this book is for you.
* If you dive with a camera and are back on the boat quicker than you would like, often missing out on cool things that came by late in the dive, then this book is for you.
* If you have completed dozens of dives and you are not one of the last divers back on the boat, then this book is for you.
* If when you go hunting, you find yourself back on the boat first, and your pals return much later with a bigger catch bag, then this book is for you.
* Or if you just want to impress your dive guide or buddy with how much air you have left, then this is for you too!
Can you really learn how to breathe less air while diving just from a book?
The methods, tips and advice I give you in this book have been tried and tested in the field by real divers. Start your vacation first back to the boat, then read this book, practice the techniques and advice, and by the end of the week you could have almost doubled your dive time. I have plenty of happy dive customers who get much better value for money from their dive packages now they can stay down much longer. You can too.
72 printed pages
Original publication
Nigel Coles



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