Richard Dargie

A History of Britain

This highly illustrated, information-packed volume traces the history of the British Isles and its people from prehistory to the present day.
Arranged in eight self-contained sections, each dealing with a major historical period, The History of Britain explores both well-known historical events such as the Norman invasions and the execution of Charles I, and lesser-known details like the uprisings in Dark Age Wales and the birth of tabloid newspapers in Victorian Britain.
Find out how centuries of invasions and migrations shaped British society and culture; how four proud and fiercely independent territories finally came together to form the United Kingdom; how a small island nation rose to become a global power, controlling the largest empire the world had ever seen; and how that empire was lost and today's modern, multicultural Britain emerged.
Chapters include:
• Prehistoric Britain
• Roman Britain
• Invaders and Settlers
• Medieval Britain
• Early Modern Britain
• Georgian Britain
• Victorian Britain
• The Twentieth Century and Beyond
459 printed pages


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