Lisa Kardos

Success Blueprint

Getting ahead in your life and career can be difficult, especially if you’re constantly operating in the dreaded state of survival mode: You feel trapped and you’re yearning for change, but you feel helpless. You are just about getting through the day.
The problem with survival mode is that it’s easy to accept. You convince yourself that this is just how it needs to be, yet you know deep-down you won’t be able to attain your dream—to reach the next level in your life and career—unless you regain control of your life.
But there is a way to get out of survival mode—a way you can regain control of your life and position yourself to get ahead. 
Enter a success blueprint.
Blueprints help builders build houses. A success blueprint can help you build a successful life, to build a life that is different than what you’re experiencing today. And even if you don’t know the exact details of what that life would look like, a success blueprint can help you take that next right step for your life.
In this guide, Dr. Lisa Kardos teaches the basic concepts behind her success system with particular emphasis on the blueprint, the foundation for her system. Leveraging the key aspects of the success blueprint: a combination of powerful intention, the use of assessment tools, refined focus and energy, and asking the right questions, you will learn how take the next step in your life and career so that you are no longer operating in survival mode. You will finally have peace of mind and an increased sense of control in your life, since you will be armed with the knowledge and tools for how to optimize your focus and energy for success.
By the end of the book, you’ll have begun the key process of developing your self-awareness to attain next-level success, propelling you on your path towards self-mastery.
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